Love is a Cabin
Book Series*

        Available soon!  Watch this site for the launch of                              Book 2: Life on a Mountain. 


Forthcoming books in series:
Life on a Mountain (Nov. 2021)
Settled on a Mountain (Winter 2022)
New Beginnings on a Mountain  (Late Spring 2022)
A Mountain Community Unites (Summer 2022)
Holidays on the Mountain (Winter 2022)

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High on a Mountain
Love is a Cabin Series - Book 1

9/14/2021: Entered in Readers Favorite Best Book Award.
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Mysterious All-Terrain Vehicle sounds prove more unpredictable than the sharp turns on the narrow road leading up to Bella Anderson’s eighty acres at 4560’ in the Smoky Mountains east of Cades Cove. Bella’s plans for early retirement in her family’s ancestral cabin are brought to a halt as the danger lurking in those hills shifts her plans into unexpected engagement with folks in the community. Visits from the sheriff and local grocer, as the menacing actions unfold, bring their own possibilities of change in the life of this young widow. 


High on a Mountain is Book 1 in the series Love is a Cabin- Tales spun out of the mountain story-telling tradition where people take care of each other—except when they don’t.


Five - Five Star ratings from independent reviewers at Readers' Favorites.

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I have found that I have thought often about your book since I finished reading it.  That, to me, is a test of a good book.  There are many which slide out of memory the instant they are finished  -  ask me in a week's time what they were about, and I could not tell you -  rather than  my developing  a genuine interest and concern about the characters.  I can hardly wait to find out what happens in future books. (D. Gray, Sydney, Australia, 9-13-2021)

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In the Press

October 15, 2021

I am honored to be a featured book in the North Carolina Writers Network Book Buzz. This organization offers many fine opportunities for writers to grow. I have benefitted from their workshops. Thanks

As VP for Operations of the Board of the Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation and Chair of the Preservation Committee, I am proud of the work of LRJF to move and preserve Laura's home. I am deeply indebted to the members of the LRJF Tuesday Writers for their dedicated workshopping of my writing.

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I am privileged to have been a part of the early development of the "Teens Listen" program at We teach young people in our community the tools to collect and document oral histories. The first work was with "Pioneers" of the historical Gifford community in Indian River County. 



 About me:


    Mountain storytelling is in my DNA. My mother's family settled in Knox County, Tennessee, in the 1720s. My daddy, yes he was always Daddy, was a descendent of the Oliver family who settled in Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains of East TN.  


    I am a southerner by birth, family roots, and upbringing. My adult life is deeply grounded in family, education, and service. I've lived and worked on five continents and am grateful for the opportunities to experience other cultures first hand—immersed in the lives of the people I have met. Each individual on my life's journey has helped me to be a better person. I am grateful.


      I wish you peace. 

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Jacqueline Evans Jacobs, Ph.D.
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On being a writer:    


      Writers often hear the admonishment: Keep your day job.


      As a retired professor from Western Carolina University, I no longer have a day job. What I have is the luxury of time to write; to weave a story in the best tradition of mountain storytellers.


    In my Love is a Cabin series, I invite you to become friends with Dr. Bella Anderson as she retires to the Tennessee mountains on the 80 acres she inherited from her paternal grandmother. Will she be prepared for all that she will encounter?


     Bella's personal relationships and experiences get caught up in community intrigue as she encounters multiple modern mysteries. The wisdom deeply rooted in a Southern mountain community emerges in often unexpected ways. Welcome to Bella's Drellag Cabin.


Member: NC Writers Network


News & Events

News 2021:

October 22: I had the privilege of meeting Mary Kay Andrews at the Vero Beach Book Center sharing of her new book, "The Santa Suit." 
October 15: Privileged to be featured in NC Writers Network Book Buzz.
September 14: I just entered the official Readers' Favorites Annual Book Award Contest for 2022.
August 31: I have just received five 5-star reviews from Readers' Favorites. 
August: I just entered the official Best Indie Book Award™! Wish me luck.  #amwriting #IARTG #bookaward


"You're never going to kill storytelling, because it is built into the human plan. We come with it."
(Margaret Atwood)

Events 2021:
      The world pandemic handed me a gift of total isolation to write. I look forward to opportunities in the not too distant future to share my work.

Events 2020: Readings
Nov. 14 - My Mother's Home at Keeping Arts Alive (Raw Space, Vero Beach)                       a socially distanced event
March 13 -The Luck of the Curious at Stories in the Raw (Raw Space, Vero                               Beach)

January 26 - The Treasures of Laura’s Home: Peace, Quiet, Reflection                           at Grand Reopening of the Laura (Riding) Jackson Historical Home                          Mueller Campus, Indian River State College, Vero Beach, Fl.


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