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WELCOME to the Smoky Mountains

Thank you for your interest in my books. I hope you enjoy the journey of Bella in my Love is A Cabin series. You can see reviews below.

2024 started my new series: Detective Quinn Isaacs will challenge you to help solve some very complex crimes while cheering for her as she leads a department of detectives who have never been allowed to work as a team. Her personal journey through her own insecurities and  romance will keep you intrigued.


Detective Quinn Isaacs:
The (Imperfect) Web of Crime

Detective Quinn Isaacs finds herself untangling an imperfect web of crime as she tries to identify a young woman she and Billy Williams, lead detective in an adjoining community, found struggling for her life on the top of a mountain near Indian Flats Falls, Tennessee.  In her fourth month as lead detective in the Round City Police, Quinn is caught up in the challenges of building a team among the detectives, sorting out her own insecurities about her new role, and learning to trust her personal feelings for Billy. In a case that spans multiple counties, and potentially an international murder, the evolving web uncovers illicit drug manufacturing and its improbable link to the young woman on the mountain—in a place where people take care of each other—except when they don’t.

Reader's Favorite Review

"The (Imperfect) Web of Crime by Jacque Jacobs is the second book in the Detective Quinn Isaac series, preceded by the critically acclaimed novel "The (Almost) Perfect Crime." The first installment begins when Quinn Isaacs, former Immigration Services agent, transitions to lead detective in Round City. Facing a case involving two women's deaths, she's up against police politics and the community's dual nature of care and betrayal. In book two, Detective Quinn Isaacs is now the newly appointed lead detective, making a shocking discovery while out with detective and love interest, Billy Williams. Angela Topping, found with signs of life that soon evaporated, the likelihood of her demise being an accident drops significantly on examination. As Quinn digs deeper, the proximity of those suspected to be involved takes the idea of “family trust” in a different direction—with both paper and people.

I like that Jacque Jacobs jumps right in with The (Imperfect) Web of Crime, showing us and Quinn that even on a hike to clear the mind, there's no rest from detective work. It's nice that Billy is there to hold her and we see the relationship grow as the story progresses. They make a pretty darn good team professionally, too. The mystery elements also begin to take shape relatively quickly, something Jacobs accomplishes through multiple point-of-view characters. The eldest Mrs. Topping is a mixed bag and Jacobs has us swinging on how reliable she is; her ability to keep us guessing as the layers peel back and new clues drop is top-notch. From a personal standpoint, Quinn's battle against memories as a school shooting survivor resonates deeply, especially after having my six-year-old niece show me how to balance on a toilet to hide your feet. The writing is clean with authentic dialogue and a smooth progression, and I hope for more opportunities to follow Quinn on her journey." (J.M. Reader's Favorite Review 5-Star)

Comments from Readers

“..thoroughly enjoyed "The (Imperfect) Web of Crime." I think one of the things I most enjoy about your books is the courtesy and kindness of your characters. Also the 'what happens nextness' which keeps me reading hungrily! You are a gifted story-teller.” (C.T.-Vero Beach FL)
"The (Imperfect) Web of Crime" is a real page-turner."
(R.G. - Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)

Reviews for Detective Quinn Isaacs Series

The Almost Perfect Crime
The Almost Perfect Crime is a suspenseful detective crime novel by Jacque Jacobs. In the story, Quinn Isaacs, the daughter of wealthy Knoxville parents and a former Immigration Services agent, becomes the lead detective in a rural town in the Smoky Mountains. During her senior year in high school, Quinn was involved in a traumatic shooting incident that led her to become a law enforcement officer. She struggles with nightmares of her past and self-doubt in her new field. Two weeks into her new job, the deaths of two women draw attention to possible murder, rather than natural death. Together with her new team, the medical examiner’s office, and a love interest, can they solve the 'perfect murder' and unravel a complex family web?

Jacque Jacobs has created a perfect suspense and murder scenario in her thrilling novel. The Almost Perfect Crime is a gripping read as the complex crime plot will hold the reader’s attention. The easy-to-read style will have the reader engaged and curious as to what happens next. In this murder mystery, as the reader puts the clues together, the chain of events begins to fall into place, the final twist taking one by surprise. Throughout the story, the characters, including the suspects, are convincing. We can relate to Quinn, who has inner insecurities but perseveres in gaining the trust and respect of her colleagues despite her fears. The Almost Perfect Crime is an intriguing novel that makes you want to unleash your inner detective. This is an entertaining read with a surprising twist in the ending; a brain-teasing challenge for fans of sleuth, police procedural, and crime-solving stories. This one is a winner! (AP_Readers Favorite 5 star review)

Paperback: ISBN 13: 979-8-9873453-2-0

eBook: ISBN 13: 979-8-9873453-3-7

Reviews for Love is A Cabin series

High on a Mountain

"High on a Mountain includes precise details that capture the setting’s beauty and radiance. Bella recalls her childhood experiences at the cabin with her grandmother Hazel. As she nears the cabin, she lowers her car’s window to listen to the delightful birdsong frequent in the area. The characters have complex backgrounds. Each has suffered a painful loss which they are still learning to live with. Bella misses her late husband, Matt. In the past, she has struggled to stay in the cabin without him. The cheerful conversations between the characters and the passed-down lessons they contain enhance the story. The romance, which is developed alongside the story’s mystery, also enriches the novel. High on a Mountain is an engaging novel with convincing characters and entrancing settings." (E.W., Readers Favorites 5-star review on Book 1 in Love is a Cabin series).
ISBN: 978-1737339809




 About me:


    Mountain storytelling is in my DNA. My mother's family settled in Knox County, Tennessee, in the 1720s. My daddy, yes he was always Daddy, was a descendent of the Oliver family who settled in Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains of East TN.  


    I am a southerner by birth, family roots, and upbringing. My adult life is deeply grounded in family, education, and service. I've lived and worked on five continents and am grateful for the opportunities to experience other cultures first hand—immersed in the lives of the people I have met. Each individual on my life's journey has helped me to be a better person. I am grateful.


      I wish you peace. 

Jacqueline Evans Jacobs, Ph.D.
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On being a writer:    


      Writers often hear the admonishment: Keep your day job.


      As a retired professor from Western Carolina University, I no longer have a day job. What I have is the luxury of time to write—to weave a story in the best tradition of mountain storytellers.


    In my Love is a Cabin series, I invite you to become friends with Dr. Bella Anderson as she retires to the Tennessee mountains on the 80 acres she inherited from her paternal grandmother. Will she be prepared for all that she will encounter?


     Bella's personal relationships and experiences get caught up in community intrigue as she encounters multiple modern mysteries. The wisdom deeply rooted in a Southern mountain community emerges in often unexpected ways. Welcome to Bella's Drellag Cabin.

     Quinn leaves Immigration in the Love is a Cabin series to become lead detective in Round City. Come do sleuthing of your own as you try to figure out "Who is the real criminal?"in my new series: Detective Quinn Isaacs.

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