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New Beginnings on a Mountain - Book 4 now available!

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In Florida, my current home, things slow down for the hot summer. Stay tuned for upcoming events as they occur.

June 26 - 2 p.m. -Blue Ridge Beer Hub, 21 East Street, Waynesville NC - Reading from "
High on a Mountain."was a huge success. Thanks to Meagan and Marlowe for making us all welcome!

Royal Palm Literary Award - Florida Writers Association
 High on a Mountain, Book 1 in the series, is a semifinalist in the blended genre. So excited. Await notice on finalists. Thanks to all my readers for your support and encouragement!


Just released:
I am honored to have my poem - The Harvey Homestead - in the just released "Musings on the Art of Eldon Lux: an Ekphrastic Journey" published by the Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation. Copies of the Chap book are available at the Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation.  

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Book 4 is waiting for you...


Your local bookstore can order.

ISBN: 978-1-7373398-6-1

With all that has happened on her land—teens running drugs, ATVs wrecked, her shed damaged, and her fence destroyed—Bella Anderson finds it hard to believe she is settled into her 120-year-old ancestral cabin. Making the repairs to her shed after a renegade ATV rammed into it, she decides to consider what else she might need to do to stay full-time on the mountain. Her growing friendship with locals, including Joshua, the grocery store owner, and Chad, the sheriff, give her hope she can truly find peace here. Will the ongoing changes from outsiders to these mountains put her and her friends in danger? What do the mysterious phone calls mean for her and her friends?


New Beginnings on a Mountain, book 4 in Jacque Jacobs Love is a Cabin series, is spun in the mountain story tradition where people take care of each other…except for when they don’t.

*An imprint of Drellag Press, LLC
Books 1 & 2 & 3 in series have multiple 5 Star reviews from Readers Favorite
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Have book will travel! 


High on a Mountain, Life on a Mountain, and Settled on a Mountain from reader on Blackman's Bay, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Thanks RNG

Drawings: Ken Czarnomski

Cover Photo by: Bill Johnston

Editor: Elaine at


High on a Mountain

Life on a Mountain

5-Star Review: "High on a Mountain includes precise details that capture the setting’s beauty and radiance. Bella recalls her childhood experiences at the cabin with her grandmother Hazel. As she nears the cabin, she lowers her car’s window to listen to the delightful birdsong frequent in the area. The characters have complex backgrounds. Each has suffered a painful loss which they are still learning to live with. Bella misses her late husband, Matt. In the past, she has struggled to stay in the cabin without him. The cheerful conversations between the characters and the passed-down lessons they contain enhance the story. The romance, which is developed alongside the story’s mystery, also enriches the novel. High on a Mountain is an engaging novel with convincing characters and entrancing settings." (E.W., Readers Favorites review on Book 1 in Love is a Cabin series).

5 Star Review: "One of the great strengths of this series is the depth of character development. For example, Bella is facing many challenges in her new ventures; making major decisions alone, embarking on a writing career, and the possibility of a love relationship could be overwhelming. Local law enforcement officers’ personalities are similarly complex; often their thought processes are included in the story. The plot is both exciting and adventurous, balanced by pleasant and charming scenes. Author Jacque Jacobs has skillfully penned Life on a Mountain. While it can be a standalone novel, reading the first one will enhance the experience. An excellent series!"(D.L. Readers Favorites review on Book 2 in Love is a Cabin series)

ISBN: 978-1737339809

Readers Favorite Review – 5 Stars (4/21/22)"Settled on a Mountain is a stand-alone book but books one and two are a must-read. Jacque Jacobs has written a heartwarming series that has a little bit of everything needed to make it a winner. There is romance, mystery, murder, friendship, community, and oh so much more. I cannot urge you strongly enough to put this series on the top of your reading list. I found it easy to feel as though Bella, Chad, Josh, and Carla were my very own friends and I was sharing right along in their adventures. Settled on a Mountain and Jacque Jacobs are winners in every way possible and you will not be disappointed when you read this very special story. Can't wait to read book 4!" (T.L.)

ISBN: 978-1737339823

ISBN: 978-1-7373398-4-7

My Love is a Cabin series is available from your local bookseller—just ask them to get it. I encourage you to support local booksellers like the Vero Beach Book Center.
Your library can get it, too. ISBNs listed above with each book.
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 About me:


    Mountain storytelling is in my DNA. My mother's family settled in Knox County, Tennessee, in the 1720s. My daddy, yes he was always Daddy, was a descendent of the Oliver family who settled in Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains of East TN.  


    I am a southerner by birth, family roots, and upbringing. My adult life is deeply grounded in family, education, and service. I've lived and worked on five continents and am grateful for the opportunities to experience other cultures first hand—immersed in the lives of the people I have met. Each individual on my life's journey has helped me to be a better person. I am grateful.


      I wish you peace. 

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Jacqueline Evans Jacobs, Ph.D.
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On being a writer:    


      Writers often hear the admonishment: Keep your day job.


      As a retired professor from Western Carolina University, I no longer have a day job. What I have is the luxury of time to write—to weave a story in the best tradition of mountain storytellers.


    In my Love is a Cabin series, I invite you to become friends with Dr. Bella Anderson as she retires to the Tennessee mountains on the 80 acres she inherited from her paternal grandmother. Will she be prepared for all that she will encounter?


     Bella's personal relationships and experiences get caught up in community intrigue as she encounters multiple modern mysteries. The wisdom deeply rooted in a Southern mountain community emerges in often unexpected ways. Welcome to Bella's Drellag Cabin.

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Member: NC Writers Network



News 2022:
Dahlonega (Ga.) Literary Fest-March 2024- I have been accepted as a regional writer for the 2024 (Yes, 2024!) Festival! 
They will return to a live festival on March 4, 2023, for those authors accepted in 2021-22. I plan to attend as a visitor-hope you will, too.

March 18: High on a Mountain entered in the Florida Writers Association RPLA awards contest. 
February 19
: 1st Annual LRJF Writers Showcase - Pole Barn Laura (Riding) Jackson Historic Home, 6155 College Lane, Vero Beach, FL. (1-3 p.m.) In case of rain- Richardson Center in front of LRJ House.)

February 1-Featured book on NC Writers Network "BookBuzz"
January-"High on a Mountain" entered in 2022 American Writing Awards (Fiction-General; Best Cover Design-Fiction)

Events and news:
April 9: Sunshine State Book Fair - Gainesville -The Oaks Mall  Table 5 Florida
February 19 - Writers Showcase, Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation, Vero Beach
October 22: I had the privilege of meeting Mary Kay Andrews at the Vero Beach Book Center sharing of her new book, "The Santa Suit." 
October 15: Privileged to be featured in NC Writers Network Book Buzz.
September 14: I just entered the official Readers' Favorites Annual Book Award Contest for 2022.
August 31: I have just received five 5-star reviews from Readers' Favorites. 


"You're never going to kill storytelling, because it is built into the human plan. We come with it."  (Margaret Atwood)


Contact will reach me.

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